2 Metre Wide Ribbed Automotive Lining Carpet In Black


Ribbed Automotive Lining Carpet For Cars / Vans

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Interior automotive ribbed lining carpet in black.

Available in various sizes by the 2 metre width.

Extremely pliable with a soft backing, so it is easy to cut and mould in to shape.

This carpet will not fray when cut, unlike other lower quality alternatives!

Absolutely perfect for lining the interiors of cars, vans, boats, planes etc. Also ideal for covering boom boxes, parcel shelves, cover door panels, vehicle roofs etc.

This exact carpet is used by the UK’s largest coach companies to line their vehicles. It is also used by hundreds of car trimmers to line vans, wagons, show vehicles etc.

Why not also purchase some of our super quality spray adhesives with this carpet? They are expertly designed to work well with carpet and will bind it to almost any surface!

Just add both items to your basket, and away you go (don’t forget to contact us for your partial refund on the adhesive if you purchase it with carpet!)

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