Lamborghini at Ambassador Car Mats

Lamborghini Car Mats

We recently completed a full set of Lamborghini Car Mats for this Italian beauty!

This bright yellow Lamborghini Gallardo required a full set of custom made car mats. We created a luxurious set using the best carpet we have available (1500g/m2 ultra thick Shag Pile Velour), with a bright yellow trim to match the car.

Truly Custom Car Mats

A member of our staff spent an afternoon with the car creating a made-to-measure template of the car’s footwell areas. We then used the template to make the mats to the owner’s exact specification.

It’s safe to say that the owner was absolutely elated with the mats and service that we provided.

The mats were made using the best quality automotive velour available on the market, yet the owner still made a saving of over £500.00 compared to the price of Lamborghini OEM mats.

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Lamborghini Car Mats

If you are looking specifically for a set of car mats for a Lamborghini, contact us and we will be more than happy to help. We can create car mats to any shape or size, just like we did for this project.